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Amazing animal photos by my friend & technical mentor, Tana Butler. You can find these pictures and more on her blog, www.iheartfarms.com. Please support Tana's work by asking her permission to use her photos and paying for them if you can!

Goat benediction
Make way for ducklings
Never were there such devoted sisters
"The opera's not over 'til the fat lady sings"
A little spotted pig
Oh, baby!
Farmer Cynthia Sandberg with little Vivaldi
Curious pig at TLC Ranch
Harley Farms Goat Dairy
Turkey at La Milpa Organica Farm
Snap-on Piglets
Coming through the fence
Lambing season at Deep Roots Ranch
Hidden nest in a field
Chickens in the springtime
The cutest pigs in the entire world
Chickens under the trees
Piling on
Getting acquainted
3000 of them
Happier'n a pig in…
Acting like sheep
And with a wading pool
Two-headed calf
She finds something amusing
Pig herding
Nutmeg the cow
Bob Thorson, petting his pigs
John, the Kerry bull
Cows outside
Sheep at Blue Hill Stone Barns
Odd little goat
Cows on the grass
Baby chicks
Checking it out
Beautiful cows
Chickens eating clabbered milk
Feeding time
Upended chickens