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These are pictures taken by myself and friends that illustrate the practices and models of animal production that produce superior meat, eggs, and dairy products, protect watersheds, prevent pollution, and allow the animals to display their natural behaviors. Please ask permission if you would like to use them- we will gladly share for good uses.

Grassfed cattle
Diverse laying hen breeds
Pregant sows
Pigs under oaks
Pigs and chickens on pasture
Pigs eating pasture & vegetables
Portable chicken coop
Livestock guardian dog
Hens on lush pasture
Hens on pasture
Hens and portable chicken coop
Cotton trailer chicken coops
Farms should be kid friendly!
Mobile Chicken Coops
Recycling Food Waste Back Into Food!
Kids and livestock guard dog hanging out near chickens
Weaner pigs in forest and pasture
Pigs loving the pasture
Pasture-raised hens chilling on the feeders
Our Guardian Angel
Jim, Fiona, and Rebecca at farm tour
Bird's Eye View
Molting Laying Hen
Curious kids and curious pigs
Spring Farm Tour
Two cute pigs
Baby Back goodness
Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Eat me, please
Smoked Pork Shoulder....mmm