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June 09, 2017


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Important information here. Thank you.


Grass fed meat is so sweet. That is why I find people travelling from the city to go to a town near Maasai grazing animals here in Kenya. They say that the meat is naturally salty and actually very mouth watering. Grass fed animals are the best for meat not animals eating polythene papers in the city.


glad you reached out to me. I am glad to hear your original Kickstarter contributors got what they expected. I am now concerned about other consumers getting what they expect. Your 2nd point I do not understand. Perhaps you are using a different term than I am used to. Forage refers to either growing pasture or cut and baled vegetation. So hay, haylage, and alfalfa can all be considered forage. Are you saying to don't expect stored forage to be part of a 100% grassfed animals diet? If so, that is very unrealistic. Grass, no matter what continent you live on, has an active growing season and a dormant season. Cows can graze on the active forage and farmers cut and bale some forage to store during the dormant season. Both the American Grassfed Association and the Animal Welfare Approved 100% grassfed standards allow for the use of stored forage as part of the diet during parts of the year. Are you saying that in Australia, where you are sourcing some of your beef, that they utilize no storage forage? I find that nearly impossible to believe. I don't know if you have an animal science background, but stored forage is very normal and just fine nutritionally as part of the diet of ruminants.
Having trouble sourcing domestic grassfed beef or other proteins that meet your standards sounds to me like a cop-out. How hard have you looked? Have you given AGA, AWA, and other producer associations/cooperatives a call? Do you advertise in On Pasture or Stockman GrassFarmer saying you are looking for more producers? If you import meat, then fine. Just state the suppliers on your website. It is that simple. Just like a restaurant that has to change it's menu weekly to say what new dishes it has and who it's suppliers are, your business could do the same.

mike salguero

Hi there.. This is from Mike who is the CEO of ButcherBox.
A few things..
1) EVERYONE who was a backer on Kickstarter received exactly what they purchased and was as advertised.
2) Since then, we have been frankly shocked by the overusage of forage in this country, and the ways in which many grass fed producers are fattening cattle to taste like corn-fed while still being able to call it 100% grass fed. This is a HUGE problem in the US, one we are trying to put controls in place for, but not an easy issue.
3) I wrote a blog post about our journeys to find a better meat source here.. https://www.butcherbox.com/roam/chop-talk/how-our-search-for-the-worlds-best-meat-brought-us-to-australia/
4) I'd love to keep up the dialogue, please feel free to email me directly at mike@butcherbox.com

Jerica Cadman

Man, if I was a project funder for that, I would NOT be happy! Thanks for exposing this info. We must stay true to USA producers, especially those who raise our food to standards of which we approve.

There is no label that can ensure the right kind of quality as can be done using your own two eyes.

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