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November 11, 2014


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Walter Jeffries

Amen. But I have another very good reason. Pasture is what I have and it is a lot cheaper for me to feed it than any bought feed. So I don't buy commercial feeds, grain feeds, fish meal, etc. Too expensive. Part of what farming is about is turning something of low value (pasture) into something of high value (meat). This is much like any manufacturing. The fact that I can do it without depleting the oceans or being dependent on petroleum or grains and be sustainable is so much the better.

My biggest thing I have is the cutting of the summer's hay to get through winter. That does use diesel to cut it, turn it, bale it transport it and deliver it out to the animals. I get it very locally so that helps and hay harvesting is pretty efficient - not a whole lot of diesel goes into it. In the zombie apocalypse I'll have to do that by hand. Our land's been hayed by hand before and could be again. Until the end of the world scenario I'll use that little bit of petroleum.

Fish on the other hand are a high value item that it seems a shame to throw so far down the chaos slope.

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