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October 04, 2013


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Walter Jeffries

Interesting. I asked because someone was just asking me about them. I have no experience with them but had heard they were smaller and slower to grow. Thanks for the feedback.

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Walter- I don't know their live weights but they hung at around 85-100 pounds at 10 months. This breed has a different 'market weight' than bigger breeds. They have a considerable amount of fat- Bob Perry of Univ. of KY told me that AGH only have about 40% lean meat. So you have to have a market for all that fat. They do make a very fine charcuterie pig- some chefs love them. We made lard with a lot of the fat and used some of the excess to mix with lean deer meat for a nice venison sausage.

Walter Jeffries

How has the growth rate been on the pigs? What weight are they at six months? How many months does it take to get to market size of what weight (e.g., 250 lb live weight)?

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Danny- we have not bred the guinea hogs yet. We do have a gilt we may keep back for breeding, but have not decided yet. Perhaps the Guinea hogs mature a little later so they are not reproductively viable until later. I'm not sure. I do know their litter sizes are much smaller- on the order of 5-8 piglets. I have seen some obese sows that were not able to get pregnant. Correct body condition is important for sexual viability.


i do love this breed of pig we have a breeding pair of pigs for the last year now but they have not yet produced a litter. Have you had any luck? if so what age did they breed at? we are located in albany oregon btw.


Kim Williams

Looking forward to hearing more as things develop, (especially Jim's innovative solutions to challenges that inevitably crop up). Thanks for sharing & best of luck!

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