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July 16, 2012


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Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Victor- I know what it is like to search and search for good farmland. We looked for 6 years in California to no avail. Recently, it took us around 15 months to find our new homestead in Oregon. If this is what you want to do with the rest of your life and even into retirement (ha! farmers don't retire), you may want to take that time to find the property that meets the highest number of your prerequisites. Being surrounded by conventional ag is pretty hard to deal with. Being surrounded on all 4 sides might be next to impossible unless you can plant a serious, fast-growing poplar hedge or something along those lines. Maybe you should look in an area that is sorta transitioning from rural to suburban because you might be able to find smaller acreages (5-30) that is not surround by conventional fields. That is sort of what we did- our land is zoned 'rural residential' and is surrounded by lots of 5-10 acres. So things like horses, a few animals, big gardens, small orchards, natural habitat, but no commercial ag of any appreciable scale due to the acreage sizes. Good luck to you and thanks for reading my book! We passed through Kansas on our cross-country trip and visited The Land Institute, which was a pretty amazing experience.



I've been reading your book it has given me a lot of useful information. We started growing vegetables three years ago in our back yard. We like it so much we decided to grow even more at my wife's parents house, they have 20 acres just outside of town, and take it to the local farmer's market. We decided to sell our home in town and look for a farm of our own. We sold our house last February and have been looking for a farm at the right price and location. We found one. It's everything we want. It has thirty acres, an outbuilding, barn, 5-acre pond and a small home. The only problem is that it is pretty much surounded by row crops. I haven't talked to the people that farm the land but they are most likely using GM seeds and pesticides. We live in kansas in the corn belt. We are wanting to graze animals and have a 5 acre vegetable garden. I'm not sure what would be the right course of action. We are tired of looking for a farm. Since this one has come on the market we haven't seen anything else. Did you come across any similar situations on your farm travels? If so do you have any advice.

P.S. I'm half way through your book and I'm finding it a very valuable resource.

Thank you

milking machine

i love this blog, thank you and keep it up!

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