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June 18, 2011


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We just began our attempt to inspire others! I guess it could be called activism, but I tend to err on the side of just doing what we think is right and hoping to help educate others and let them decide for themselves. Education is the key!

Walter Jeffries

Some (several reporters) would call my work against NAIS activism, but it was a reluctant activism against a regulatory monster I stumbled on. Some have told me I must continue that activism and expand on it but I'm not interested in political office or leading crusades. I would rather do right.

I'm activist in the sense that I do the things I believe in. I focus more on walking the walk than talking the talk. This is one of my complaints about Al Gore and his ilk, I see him as full of hot air, all talk and little real action. He pollutes by orders of magnitude more than average. I believe in reducing pollution and consumption so that is what I do, among other things.

Be an activist by living your ideals. Demonstrate by doing.


I'd say being inactive affects the quality of a person's work and character much more...Where do these folks get off I wonder...

Kim Williams

I'm a traditional farmer, (the radical activist kind, ha!).
So many people want this lifestyle but they're continually discouraged. They take that discouragement and use it to convince themselves there's no way to make a living as a new farmer.
How sad - we need those farmers!

I hope my family and I can prove something different. That we can affect change in our own backyards and impact our local foodshed. We can produce food and manage livestock in a harmonious way with the natural environment so the land and animals florish. We can provide healthy, safe, guilt-free tasty food. We don't make a lot of money but we spend more time with our family and neighbors, outdoors, in a beautiful place. I'll take that over a fancy house and new clothes any day!
We enjoy meeting customers who visit our farm, and see a vital need for that connection. It's critical for everyone's future that adults and children be able to experience where their food comes from, and to understand the relationship people have with the earth. And most importantly, to understand the way you spend money has a direct impact on how food is produced and the earth is stewarded.
Our fellow "activist" farmers inspire us, as do the folks that work hard to promote the relationship between people and farmers and shed light on the realities of food production.
Thank you for another thought provoking post!

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