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May 18, 2011


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Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Bruce- a lot of their mistakes were profiled in their Accidental Farmer book such as mortality issues, breeding, getting their pastures established. When I visited I remember them saying they did not need the large walk-in freezer unit and it was an unnecessary investment. Some of their early rabbit pens designs did not work. Lots of the usual things that new farmers go through working and reworking their designs and coming to understand the nature (ecology) of a place. As far as being sustainable- just because one is still in business, that doesn't really embody sustainability for me. Monsanto is still in business. Exxon is still in business. Goldman Sachs is still in business. None of them are sustainable.

bruce king

It's interesting because he's trumpeted his methods as "sustainable" -- and for me, the bottom line is that if you're not in business you're not sustainable.

What do you consider to be their mistakes, having visted their farm and looked at their operation?

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Bruce- people start businesses, sell them, start others, etc. I don't begrudge anyone for that. The Youngs can do whatever they want. I'm sure they have learned a lot from this experience that they will take to the next one. Maybe the next owner can turn the giant house into a farm B & B and create a good livelihood along the way. I learned some things from the Youngs, such as the design of their pastured rabbit pens, how to tan hides, and incubate eggs. I also learned from their mistakes too. It's all good.

bruce king

natures harmony farm is now for sale. He's been selling equipment and animals for a while now, and he's now listed his property as well.

He hasn't made any public comment on why he's selling, but if you're interested, I'm sure you can ask him on his facebook page.

It's been my experience that despite claiming to be open and transparent, Tim will probably just ban anyone who asks about his, so beware.

Property listing here:

facebook page here

Jeff Hamons

I really enjoyed this interview. I am one of the farmers who have latched onto Tim as a tugboat to pull us out of our comfortable suburban lives and into the difficult but fulfilling farmer life. I have even had the opportunity to attend one of his "Farm Schools"

Still, you were able to get more information from him that I hadn't learned from him. You asked him some of the same questions that I had wanted to ask but hadn't had the chance

Jeff Hamons
Synergistic Acres - Kansas City Natural Farm

Kim Williams

I've been following the Nature's Harmony folks for a few years now and am impressed with their vision and energy. Their farm is one I've wanted to visit. Thank you for allowing me to do that vicariously through you!

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