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March 29, 2011


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Rebecca T. of Honestmeat

Footsteps Farm-

thank you for giving some of your costs. Can you comment directly on the "Breaking the Meat Processing Bottleneck" article? Also, how much do you spend on labor driving (or hourly equivalent)? Also, is the $20 in transport to slaugtherhouse include wear & tear or just gas? I think the federal rate for mileage is around .60 a mile now, which factors in gas & wear & tear. As for your vehicle, think about the useful life of that vehicle. How many years, how many trips to the slaugtherhouse does it have? What is the truck worth and what would it cost you to replace it? That is how you figure out depreciation expenses. If you don't factor that into your costs, then you won't have any money to replace the truck or do major repairs. Also, how does it cost you $20 to drop off the pig but nothing to pick up the meat? Don't you drive to pick it up? Isn't there a cost for that? How much does it cost you in electricity to freeze your meat?

Footsteps Farm

By load: By animal:
Truck/trailer deprec. Hard to figure as it is my personal vehicle
Transport to slaughter $20.00 in gas
Slaughter $80.00
Transport to butcher Included in slaughter cost
Cut & wrap $125.00
Pick up meat 0
Cold storage (rental) we hang 13 days no extra charge
Smoking/curing $100.00
Sausage per pound $2.00


Here in Austin there has been an explosion of urban farms of all shapes and sizes. There are many of us in tiny pocket farms all over the city. We are hundreds, if not thousands. Don't discount us even tho we're small, not a large farm like GGF, or Boggy Creek. We're all in this together, thanks to rising fuel prices (Hello, biofuel ppl, we're still waiting!) and unhealthy factory farm food.


We loved having "Farm Pirates raid our farm" -- you were such a help as we were getting our season launched. Now, that we're in the thick of planting and selling, it's fun to think back to all we discussed and laughed about while you were here.

Kisses to you all and Fiona,


P.S. The little pirate girl forgot to take her favorite dress-up dress. Should we mail it FL? Also, did she happen to leave with some treasured finger puppet monsters?

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