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February 15, 2011


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Rebecca T. of Honestmeat

Thank you Walter for reminding me of those salient points in the book. It was just so DENSE I couldn't possibly comment on all of it. The rest of you SHOULD read this book- well worth the small investment due to the shear amount of research and references that went into this book. You could probably save yourself from reading over 100 other books & journal articles by reading this 1 book by Simon Fairlie.

Walter Jeffries

One of the points he makes is that animals can make use of lower grade foods to raise them to higher grade food stuffs for us. Examples are:

1) pasture turned into protein and lipids (meat & fat).

2) whey from cheese making turned into pork

3) cheese trim, veggies and meat scraps turned into chicken and eggs

The problem with modern factory meat production, please don't call it farming, is that they are using the wrong resources and insane amounts of petroleum and other energy to do what could be done on a broad based small scale production at many small farms leading to healthier lifestyles and healthier better quality food.


You have a comprehensive and insightful review. I am going to check out this book because of your wonderful review.

Throwback at Trapper Creek

Thanks for the honest review of this - as a farmer on marginal land myself, our cattle are the single most sustainable thing on our farm.

Looking forward to reading this, the it sounds like it will go well with The Vegetarian Myth.


Have the book sitting beside my bed, waiting to be read. Can't wait to get through it.

A bit angry that I've been misled (and allowed myself to be misled) for so long by blanket "stop eating meat for the sake of the environment" claims. Goodbye life-long vegetarianism!

Kim Williams

Tantalizing review - looking forward to reading this. Thanks Rebecca!

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