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October 19, 2009


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Walter Jeffries

I'm torn between correcting McW's errors and ignoring him. Unfortunately he has found a high platform from which to spew his lies and distortions.


Thank you for this! I read the postings Mr. McWilliams wrote, and have been troubled by them since. One thing that strikes me as particulary unfortunate is his narrow focus on dollars and on environmental issues. For me, shopping at the farmers' markets and buying local produce and local, humane-raised meat is about more than money and carbon emissions. It's about the joy and fun of farmers' market shopping - the access to great tasting, chemical free food grown by people I feel I can trust to "do the right thing" - the knowledge that the meat and eggs I eat come from animals that were treated respectfully birth through death - the ability to "vote with my dollars" and support small farms, green spaces, etc. with my purchases - the list could go on and on. There's just so much more to local eating than what he considers and presents!

Mike B aka GarlicMan

I've never met James McWilliams. However, I think I will know him when I see him. Because he is so narrow-minded, he will have one eye on top of the other.

Thanks for clearing the air on many of his thoughts (not facts). We are not all as uninformed in Texas as he is.

Mike B aka GarlicMan
Jacksboro, Texas

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