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January 15, 2009


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Exeter Adrochen

Why not eat just plant food you ask...?

1) Plants can harbor disease too. Perhaps you missed the sickening spinach, peanuts, peppers, pistachios. You might say, do not eat plants from big ag but just do the same with meat and you have the same great benefits.

2) A vegan diet is not sustainable everywhere. Veganism requires supplements in the form of pills and/or long distance transport of vegetables. Perhaps you are going to start telling people they must live only in parts of the world where they can grow local veggies year round? How authoritarian.

3) Are you not aware that growing veggies kills large numbers of animals and destroys large amounts of habitat? Clearing fields, plowing, disking, harrowing, planting, weeding, harvesting all kill billions of animals. Educate yourself. That lettuce isn't guilt free. Even if you simply forage you're stealing from the animals - for shame.

4) Livestock can be raised on pastures that are not otherwise suitable for growing crops. This makes good use of our land. The animals are turning sunshine, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and minerals into high quality proteins and lipids. Meat is a very high quality food. It is part of a good diet.

5) Livestock produce valuable manure. Without that you can't grow organic veggies as well. Plant composts alone are not nearly as good.

6) Life is a food web. We are part of it. Ethics and morality are simply distractions you're using to justify your choices. Fine for you to do for yourself but don't try and force it on other people.

Go omnivores - a sustainable diet we're evolved for!

Bradys Beef

It's too bad more farms don't raise animals in a more natural environment so antibiotics aren't needed. Our grass-fed cows are almost never sick.



Christopher Barden


Why not just eat plant-based foods?

I read this whole post and, if I weren't vegan already, content like this would encourage me to do so.

I'm an ethical vegan, so I wouldn't eat meat or dairy even if it were 100% safe.

But, the problems you describe here are now being repeated worldwide. In China, where I live, the "Americanization" of the meat and dairy industries is full-speed ahead, with no possibility of slowing anytime soon.

Seriously, what you're talking about here seems enough to motivate EVEN a non-vegan to go vegan as a form of symbolic protest to raise awareness.

Gary Maxwell

Rebecca, you nailed it with the bigger question of ethical livestock husbandry practices. Broad-scale administering of antibiotics leads me (as an untrained layman) to believe that the farmer (a) lacks skill or time to evaluate the health of the livestock on a daily basis, (b) hates to pay for professional veterinary services, (c) maintains livestock in an unhealthy environment, (d) won't accept that disease happens in a natural environment, (e) consumes too much Kool Aid from Big Pharma, or some combination of the above. As a consumer, this is both sad and scary.

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