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August 04, 2008


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Forgot to mention... Can't afford to put them down?! How much does a bullet cost? How much does a trip in a trailer to the slaughterhouse cost?! Duh. I have had to put down a horse before, all it cost was a bullet and a shovel and some time. Sad but true.


No where does it say in law that you can not eat your own pets. If you slaughter a horse you were given, or that you bought, for your own consumption (and not to sell to other people) then go for it. If I want to I can even eat my dog. What is wrong is when you make a business out of it. The horse has a strong bond with mankind because for so long we relied on them for our survival. If you still require food and a horse is what you have, then eat it. But it is morally wrong to destroy them in mass as if they were no more intelligent and special than meat animals. No one ever developed such a relationship with a pig after all. I'd like to see one do some dressage moves with a hog for example. Because a horse can learn to understand a humans cues, because a horse can grow to care about a person, because a horse can even get to the point to where they will defend a human rider against a threat, they are special. People eat dog too despite the bonds one can build with them, but what are we as a nation if we commercialize the killing of our best friends? If you want to end world hunger teach people to grow food, plant orchards, educate (raise fast propagating chickens yum). If you want to end Horse Abuse plant hay, teach responsibility, educate. Mostly tho, people will give away animals they love but can't afford. If they don't care about them, that is when they let them starve and rot. It isn't the option to kill or not to that makes horses suffer, it is the mentality of their owners. After all I have never seen a free horse advertized, but I have seen many abused horses taken by the state.


who gives anyone the right to say you can not eat horse meat? Many pepole do not eat beef but would never tell us we can not. I personally would not eat my horse, but if someone is starving, and we have countries where they are they would love to have any kind of meat. Horse are livestock. By closing the slaughter houses we now have horses starving in this country. Are these pepole who are saying close the plants are they going to take care of these horses? Ms Bo, Toby an Willie are you going to open your place to these horses? Are you an the rest of your friends PETA are you going to spend your money to care for them. No your just going to stomp your feet and want the rest of us to care for them. You also have really messed it up for the wild horse adoption as well. Shame on you pepole. come out of the clouds and down to earth an really look at what you have done. or at least put down what your smoking and wake up.


These people have their heads so far up their a*& and have no idea how the ban on slhgautering horses has affected the horse industry. Being a horse owner and having horses since I was two years old I totally support the right to slaughter horses. These people with their holier than thou attitudes don't drive down the back roads and see the horses just left out in pastures with nothing but dirt to eat because people can't feed them anymore and they can not afford to put them down and they can not take them to the sale barn because the slaughter buyers aren't there anymore. So what do they do??? They leave them there till they die or they go turn them out in the woods some where to fend for themselves. Of course the slaughter houses need to be regulated. But I much rather know a horse is put out of his misery than left to starve and die a horrible death. The humane associations and rescues can only take in so many animals and can only adopt out so many so what is supposed to happen to the old and the sick? Just like everything else in this society let some one else deal with the problem instead of having an action for the means. And ironically the same people bleeding hearts that don't want people to eat horse meat want to feed the world .


Me and my family Incubate and raise Rhode Island Red Chickens and We have reisad Cornish cross meat birds and this year we are raising 5 turkeys for the holidays. We also raise Pekin Ducks. We breed and raise rabbits we butcher and eat too. We also raise Boer meat goats for show and eating and we have Nubian goats we raise for milking. We have fruit trees and a big garden and I have been canning a lot this year. We are hoping to be able to be self-sufficient one day. If you might be interested in doing a farm visit to see how we raise our animals and if you might be interested in purchasing any please let me know cause I can raise as many as you might need. Thank you Darnell Allen (Allens Dream Ranch).



They are unclean to eat because they only have one stomach, and their hoofs are solid, not split. It is clean to eat cows and goats because they have more than one stomach, (a cow has three) and they both have split hoofs. So to all you bacon and ham lovers, I hope you know that. But you probably don't...

Meryl O'Reilly

I find it an abomination that anyone could comtemplate sending a horse to a Mexican Slaughterhouse!

I make no apologies, I am a horse lover, I own 4 who where RESCUED from slaughter feed lot's, I only wish i could save more. If the day ever come's when i cannot feed them or care for them myself, I will Euthanize them to ensure they never have to suffer the horror of a slaughterhouse.

Those of you who are are supporting slaughter...have you even SEEN how a horse is slaughtered?? Have you witnessed what happen's as it happens??? Can you tell me in all honesty you could stand there and watch as a horse is hit with a captive bolt gun while it stuggles in terror, and often times isn't even killed instantly, sometimes it's stuggling so hard the bolt gun may take out an eye, or leave a gaping hole in it's head, and the operator has to try several times before the horse goes down, and many time's it's not actually dead just stunned, still hearing and feeling EVERYTHING that's going on around it, even as a chain is wrapped around it's hind leg and it's hosted still concious upside down to have it's neck slit and be bled out. The horses in line behind it can see, hear, smell the blood and feel the terror of what wait's ahead for them and they are helpless to stop it or get away. I wouldn't say it's a lucky horse that get's the captive bolt gun if it goes to Canada, but it's better than Mexico where it will be stabbed repeatedly in the spine with a knife till it is paralized to have the same thing done when it goes down. The horror and abuse start's with the trip there from the Auction lot, they are crammed into trailer's that are not designed for horses, many are kicked or crushed, little ones get killed in route..and no food or water on the hot trip that may take a week..yes, it's all been documented and all you have to do is google horse slaughter.

I realize that there are more horses than we can save, and owner's need to be held accountable for the care of these animals, but as long as I have room to save one, i will keep using my money to rescue them from the horse version of Nazi Germany.

If slaughter must be a necessity than it must be done humanly, and cleanly and quickly without the horse suffering. It need's to be monitored and and regulated with the horses welfare in mind and easing them painlessly into death, not the meat seller's.


i am 18 years old and grew up on a farm my whole life. all these stupid people saying that horses have emotion and feelings is bullshit. the U.S slaughters billions of pigs alone. and i no for a fact pigs are three folds my intelligent. so all you dirty fuckin hippies can go to hell. by not killing these sick old and injured horse you are creating more cruelty


I strongly agree with you. I had my horse at a friends house with her horse and just because it was winter time she barley took care of her. I hate to see it that way. They barley had water. and would run out of hay and she wouldn't even know. The stall is really nasty also. No horse should have to live in that type of enviornment. They can only fend for themselves so much. They cant clean. They just need someone to love them and care for them. My horse does so much for me. When i have a bad day i can go see her and play with her and it just makes me feel better. They are great animals.

chris lobegeiger

slaughter houses are all fucked!!
i stand by my self and i will fight till my last breath to save any horse!
it is absolutly rediculess that use scum can think its good to kill horses,yes i have killed a few really sick horses but that is only cause they have been in major pain from either breaking a leg or to far gone for treatment
id try my best to have them cured but if its to late then thats the only reason id kill them
i have been a major horse fan for ages since i was really young
i see farmers going to autions and to the sale yards to sell horses to make money but 3/4 of the buyers are scum bag horse killers!!



Rebecca T. of HonestMeat

Many readers seem to oppose killing horses, but again I pose the question- is either letting them waste away in poop-filled dirt lots or shipping them illegally to a Mexican slaughterhouse more ideal than humanely killing them here? We could have a couple legal slaughterhouses in this country for horses and require the killing via electric bolt gun. Require glass windows, whatever you want- the point being that doing the slaughter here is preferable to doing it in another country with less regulations.

Paulina Bartnik

Read more about how these animals are slaughtered before you start thinking it's a good idea..I suggest every person who wants these slaughter houses to reopen should make it their business to see these animals slaughtered or for that matter any animal turkey, chicken, cow, pig, sheep, calf, lamb go to the Peta site or the Humane Farming site and look at some of these animals lives and see how they are treated in these factories the animal doesn't even have time to die they're sometimes or quite often cut up still conscious. Read about how these slaughter house workers treat these animals..it's all about profit these animals are treated like machines. If slaughter houses had glass windows their would be a lot less meat eating. Go ahead watch and read about the torture these animals have to go through. It's not an exaggeration either, these factory farming lines go so fast these slaughter house workers don't even have time to sharpen their knives. The animals are fighting them they have to do what ever means to kill these animals read Gail A.Eisnitz Slaughterhouse book. It will get you thinking. I think shooting them in the head like that one person said would be much more humane then these other methods. Paulina Bartnik


I will not argue that slaughterhouses are very controversial, but I only have one argument with your opinion. You talk about the captive bolt gun like it fells horses easily and painlessly every time. You might be oblivious to the inhumanity of slaughtering.

I will not deny we might be encouraging the Black Market by having tight restrictions, but I think that if we are going to open the slaughterhouses again, we need to enforce the -humane- slaughter of equines. Horses are transported for days without water, food, room to stand up, and are exposed to horrible cruelty.

Please do a little more research before saying this is the best option for our horses, whether it is seen as livestock or pets.

Susan Walker

I'm sorry, but I'm a Horse Lover from birth.. It breaks my heart to see a horse that has suffered from neglect.. I own a horse that was neglected and one that has never known neglect or abuse.. I don't want the slaughterhouses..! But we need an alternative solution for all the starving horses and the ones that the owners have more money than sense.. I think there should be programs, such as mounted police to take these animals and do something with them.. Handicap children benefit from riding a horse. There are things that could be done with them, besides killing them for meat.. I know you need money.. I just watched a video of a horse slaughterhouse in the UK and I'm pissed off about all of this.. The horse lovers need to get together and try to do something??!!! thanks


Hi i agree with you i want the slaughterhouses should be open

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Louche brings up the idea of 'animal sanctuaries' so that the animals we bred for consuming or pleasure can live out their full lives until they die of natural causes. I'm sorry, but I don't support that idea unless it is for abused animals or for trying to get them adopted. Just to sustain millions if not billions of domesticated animals until the day they die naturally would consume vast quantities of water, grain, and create mounds of waste, overgrazing, etc. To use that quantity of resources without feeding people is arrogant, preposterous, and unsustainable.


You're absolutely right in thinking that a vegan would be saddened by your posts, though I can just tell myself, "What do I expect?"

Your supposed horse "cruelty" is a temporary situation caused by the systematic slaughter of horses AND the subsequent insufficient laws to promote animal welfare. The systematic slaughter of horses, as deemed legal, is a long-term solution involving the subjugation of these creatures ad infinitum. The liberation of these animals, too, is a long-term solution.

Why shouldn't we take care of the animals we liberate from ourselves? There is one solution called animal sanctuaries. You seem to think that because there's no animal welfare outside of subjugation, that we should focus on animal welfare within it - even though there never was any within it either. Yes, we do need to take responsibility for any consequences of liberation as the need for liberation is directly caused by exploitation. But continuing to slaughter the creatures as an answer is saying, "We will take responsibility as long as we still profit from it."

To simply suggest that this is the inevitable reality takes us back to so many social justice issues: homelessness, poverty, etc. "Let's do what we know is inherently problematic because doing what sounds right has problematic consequences": this is what I call favoring the symptoms of a problem over its root. Actually, we can address both if we're truly honest and willing.


Hi there, I found your site 'googling for images of "horse transport cruelty" since I am a campaigner for World Horse Welfare, & their "MAKE A NOISE" campaign - (formerly the ILPH - International League for the Protection of Horses). The closure of any legal Scottish "Horse Disposal Facilities" would force Scotland into being yet another country which fattens up ill, aged or dying horses, to then travel thousands of miles & 40hrs minimum (often with no stop, water or feed) to a European facility where they are slaughtered for best meat price.

If you have a local facility which can dispose of equines within the law, humanely & with whatever dignity that these places can muster - please support this form of "horse slaughter". Not everyone has thousands of acres upon which to find their once glittering horse lying dead from old age & then to bury them. Most of us must make the most humane choice & sending my horse to some god forsaken place is not one of those for me. Many eat meat, but whatever meat eaten is from animals which once gambolled through meadows. Closing humane facilities will not stop the consumption of equine, bovine - or any other "vine" you want to list, only drive illegalities, inhumanity & suffering further underground.

...we "humans" need a bloody good shake & wake up call. We want to eat meat, but get squeemish about where it comes from, (sorry to offend any vegetarians/vegans reading this) if we must eat meat, (& I do) then lets at least make sure the conditions in which they are raised, kept, transported & finallly "disposed of" (however harsh that sounds) - is with the utmost care, attention to welfare, humanity & the animal dignity.



Thanks for bravely addressing some ugliness people don't want to see, hopefully you're not just preaching to the choir here.

I am so frustrated with the Disney-ish attitude people insist on holding regarding animals. I LOVE my horses and I feel that when I purchased my horses, we made a deal. They work for me, and I care for them. When they suffer an injury (probably because of the work they are doing for me) I can't just cast them off to homes that I know will contain suffering. That's part of the deal.

In addition, so there are no restrictions to bringing new equine lives into the world with goals of profit. As we are trying to dispose of these unwanted horses, Premarin producers are breeding more unwanted horses with no pedigree or hope of useful free lives.

First, how can we remain so determinedly ignorant of the sources of the products sold to us by big business, and second, how can these two industries operate so unrelated to one another? In America we are so focused on avoiding death, we are creating horrible lives for our 4 legged friends.

Rebecca T. of HonestMeat

MJW objects to horses being slaughtered for meat. I object to neglected horses and a black market for horse meat. Some people consider pigs pets (thousands of people in fact have pot belly pigs) but we still allow pig slaughter. Euthanasia of horses is expensive and many owners these days can't even afford to feed their horses, let alone pay to euthanize them. I also don't believe in wasting a good protein source that millions of people consume. This issue is completely different than dogs and cats because Anglo cultures have no history of eating dogs and cats except during war and famine. On the other hand, there is a long history of breeding and raising horses for their meat within Anglo cultures.


I don't think we are really addressing the issue here. It is not one of telling someone that they cannot put down an animal that they cannot care for or that is in poor health. What is really at issue here is money. By closing horse slaughterhouses we are eliminating the ability of an owner to make a last few bucks off their horse (i.e. the meat) and are instead requiring them to pay to humanely euthanize the animal. Also, wouldn't we be bothered if feral cats and dogs were rounded up and sent to slaughterhouses? For many of us, horses are on the same level as dogs and cats. To see horses rounded up and slaughtered is just as offensive and upsetting. When ranchers no longer have a use for their hearding dogs should they be sent to a slaughterhouse and their meat shipped to countries that eat dog?


You are right! Thank you for being brave enough to say the truth!


Oh. I agree. Starvation or slaughter in Mexico is MUCH crueler.
One of the horse right's groups that lobbied for closure of the DeKalb plant is now lobbying, begging, for people to take foster horses. They are now turning horses away.
Our county in WI has lost 14,000+ jobs in the last year. We have a HUGE amount of starving, neglected horses that are worth nothing because it costs too much to feed them, and it costs too much to move them.
Before the Delkalb plant closed, you could get at least $200 fcr a horse. Now, you can't give them away.


Excellent question! I think there should be an option to humanely slaughter horses in this country. I think that our society has gotten so far removed from the reality of food supply, that policy gets created based on emotionalism that is not connected in any way with actual responsible management. Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky that not every animal is a potential for dinner. Not every society has that luxury. However, the disturbing trend has developed that we would rather euthanize "excess" animals than actually manage them in a way that would utilize the sacrifice of their life.
So, people get horrified at the idea of eating horses, and I'll take it a step further, dogs or cats. I get horrified at the idea of senseless slaughter of said animals simply for taking up space, or their languishing to death in abysmal conditions for lack of care. There has got to be a better way. That way has got to include a management policy that incorporates death as well as life. In that way, we can eradicate the cruelty and suffering of non-action.

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