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June 06, 2008


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Hi Rebecca!
I can't figure out how to reach you other than leaving a comment, so here we go. I'm working with GOOD Magazine on an event in LA in December and am looking for local producers / farmers / makers to participate in a weekend-long educational food and farming bazaar. You can share your knowledge while selling your wares. I can send you more information if you can email me back - thanks! Love your blog!
HOMEGROWN Shepherdess
Farm Aid


As a very small farm raising our own lamb and eggs, orchard, etc, I look forward to learning more from this blog - chocked full of good information and sharing [in a kinder, gentle way!]


I love the topic of this blog! Thank you so much for posting, I always find that I find the most appropriate information when I need it. I'd be interested to know what animals/breeds you are raising and how you came to your decisions :)


Hi, beautiful. Welcome to the neighborhood!

I hope you're having fun up there, but I'm selfishly hoping to see you soon, over tea or beer and my dining table.

XOX from sunny Soquel, where the weather is perfect!!

Alex Tiller

Good luck with your new blog! It’s a great topic.

Alex Tiller


This, your blog, looks wonderful, and I am looking for ward to what is coming. Welcome to the *Blogosphere.*


Saw your site mentioned on I Heart Farms. Looking forward to reading more. We're starting a small farm & orchard, and are raising chickens for eggs. The first generation of chickens have a "pass" for being meat birds, as we knew we'd get emotionally attached, but the next generations will be raised for meat. Definitely want to raise them as healthy as possible!

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